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Akiko Ken Made

2 to 1 Bread Basket with Karin Carlander Linen

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This breadbasket is crafted in our own workshop north of Copenhagen.
The wooden rings are wedge-shaped in the profile.
Asembled the breadbasket by pressing the wooden rings into each other with textile in between. Please note that the thin edges of the rings faces each other.

How the wooden rings are separated:
Place the Bread basket upside down press the textile down against the tabletop with your whole palm.

Maintenance: The wooden rings are wiped over with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

TEXTILE NO.10 by Karin Calander - Square Towel 50 x 50 cm 100% Certified master of linen

“And the sun shone down on the flax, and the rain clouds watered it, and that was as good for it as it is for little children to be bathed and kissed by their mothers - it makes them look so much prettier, and so did the flax.” From The Flax, fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen

This textile is an agricultural crop and the plant is grown and retted on the grown with ZERO water consumption. The water requirements of this certified flax are met naturally by rainfall.

For maximum absorbancy soak the textile in cold water overnight before first wash. Karin Carlander /

Ø 7 3/4" x 2 1/8" H

Ø 9 3/4"  x 2 1/8" H